Gilgamesh x Saber – Unconditionally

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Ship: Gilgamesh (Archer) x Arturia Pendragon (Saber)
Franchise: Fate series (Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Grand Order)
Music: Unconditionally by Katy Perry

Tag: gilgamesh x saber, gilgamesh, arturia, altria, pendragon, fate, zero, stay, night, grand, order, archer, saber, king, of, heroes, knights, amv, ship, gilber, gilturia, unconditionally, katy, perry

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11 thoughts on “Gilgamesh x Saber – Unconditionally

  • Aint gonna lie.. I cried

  • JustanOpen Conversation · Edit

    What is it about these two? Gilgamesh is proven over & over to be a complete monster — but when he interacts with Arturia something really strange happens. It's like a glimmer of some kind of shred of humanity, but he's still trying to mask it under bad manners. But there's just something under there… Drives me nuts, like there's a Gilgamesh back story they never told. Like Arturia might have been the only one who could have put him through enough hell to fix him — but only by stabbing him through the gut and rejecting all his advances. Weird right? All the little hints and foreshadows are there… but only fan fiction of the story not told between the two of them. The chemistry though… she totally hates everything about him… but it's still there. Both sides, the chemistry is there. Totally bazar. They're total moral opposites, and he's totally evil to his bones. But it's still there. Because that shred of humanity hides beneath it all? IDK, it's so confusing to watch. It just compells you to watch it over and over again, trying to puzzle it out! Maybe it's the feel of 'destiny' between them. Like how else would there be all that tension, when all they should want from each other is to utterly end the other's existence? Instead they're making eyes at each other via expressions of defiance. Like wHaT?! How? Why? DeStiNy… EpiC LoVe… It's the only explanation. #facepalm# … and yet i love this couple, and I absolutely can't defend why. Maybe it's because ultimately I think Arturia would win this one xD … and Gil's no idea what he's in for xD

  • Which fate series are in this amv except zero and stay night ?

  • los amo aunque se que nunca seran pareja los amo

  • What are the name anime of this video? Please tell me

  • Had they met in another time and place…
    Who knows?

  • ohhhhhhhhhh!!! I'm die!! so much of heart attack!

  • sadly it is a one sided love but strangely enough, gilgamesh being 3/4 god probably does love her more than any other character 😡

  • I love it 😍


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