[PS1] Hoàn Thành Tựa Game "Thành Phố Ma 3" (Resident Evil 3) #Part 3 of 3

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Đoạn mở bản đồ là do mình đi uống nước =))))
– Do mình down từ stream fb về nên chất lượng chỉ có 480p.
– LiveStream:
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This game was pretty fun to play, and pretty hard, which is why I did it on easy difficulty, sorry but I just completely suck at this game so I had to do easy.
At a few cutscenes the audio might get a bit messed up, and what I mean by that is if you notice it then it will sound like a person is about to say something, says it halfway and then stops, its because I am playing it on emulator, which is also why I pause the game a lot because that is where I savestate during the longplay, which is why I did so good.
– Definitely my favorite Resident Evil games.
When I did the PS1 longplay of this game I did it on easy mode and ever since then I wanted to redo the longplay with better quality and on hard difficulty, but I only managed to do it on hard mode because the quality to me doesn’t look any better on the gamecube version since it was only recorded in 480i and when I deinterlaced the video it still didn’t look any better to me but I did all I could.
– A replacement for my previous longplay this time on Hard difficulty and I only get hurt 2 or 3 times and only use one herb and get an A rank because I saved 0 times.
Since this game can show different cutscenes depending on what order you do things in the game I actually saw a couple of cutscenes that I had never seen before.

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